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Bethesda Garage Door Spring Repair

Bethesda Garage Door Spring Repair By setting up an appointment for a technician to come out, you are not only getting your door fixed, you are getting your garage door inspected with a great attention detail. This means springs are a huge factor when it comes to the repairs. It is important to know the type of spring your garage door has in order to understand the problem your garage door is having. The technician is fully capable of discerning the type of spring needed,which will either be an extension or a torsion spring. Extension springs are the typical springs that balance the door as it moves.They center the weight in the middle of the door.  Torsion springs are the ones that pull the door up, hence the springs have tension, which expands and compresses.

Our technicians can tell exactly which kind of spring is needed for your garage door. Due to the extension spring’s price, it is normally the more popular one, however it is more open to wear and damage and certain things can more easilybe caught in the linings of the spring. Their strength in force is not as strong as the torsion springs. On average, extension springs can lift about 10,000 times before showing some major defects.

Bethesda Garage Door Spring Repair It’s important to make sure that the springs are not making noise or moving in unusual ways, the right way to find out is contacting Bethesda Garage Door. Our technicians know their springs inside out and will be able to tell you if the springs need to be replaced or completely replaced.

If you feel that your spring is causing the issue with your garage door not working, please do not try and fix it yourself (unless you are a technician). If the spring snaps back the wrong way or is not installed properly it can cause series injuries, sometimes even fatal ones. So please call us today and we will be more than happy to come out your house and repair or replace your garage springs.

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